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Who can you turn to in an overmedicated and over diagnosed world? So many of us have been over medicated and over diagnosed from an early age. An age that continues to get younger and younger. The traditional medical system has failed us and our kids aren't even given the chance to become healthy.  As parents trying to raise healthy kids, and be healthy ourselves, we don't know where to turn.

Today 1:4 women are on an antidepressant, 40% of women are overweight, and 78.8% of those with an autoimmune disease are women. 

We cannot lead our families to be healthy if we are not healthy ourselves. It's time to take control of your health and life through functional & integrative medicine, so you can better serve the ones you love and the things you are passionate about.






There's another path to wellness...

Dr. Alex's Story

As a child, I struggled with the onset of poor health at age 12. I developed asthma, allergies, eczema and became prone to injury and illness all in the span of a year. Even at age 12, I wasn't satisfied with the answers I received from my doctors: "sometimes these things just happen" they said, with a shrug. I spent years on medications and missing school from poor health. It wasn't until I started making lifestyle changes in my late teens and early 20's that I started to see there was another way, and shifted my career path to become a chiropractor and wellness practitioner.  But the crux of my gaining a deep understanding of health and where it truly comes from came when my son, Fritz, was born five weeks early for "no particular reason". It was the journey I found myself on after that event that set me on the path to helping other moms and kids heal from the inside out. Now I am a leading expert in women's and kid's health, changing lives across the globe.

If You're New Here Check Out These Resources

Our approach to health, which is based in functional and integrative medicine, is very outside the box of traditional western medicine, and for good reason. What this provides is the tools you and your family need to actually get results, without relying on drugs or surgery. Because we are outside the box, we offer multiple ways to get to know more about us and our approach before you ever come in for your first appointment. This helps you decide if we're a good fit for you and your family, and gives you an opportunity to learn something too!


Dr. Alex hosts a weekly podcast called Rejuvenated Women: Impeccable Health for High Performing Women. She Also regularly hosts online and in person workshops designed to provide you with the outside the box information you need to start taking control of your health and life. Send an email to for information on upcoming live workshops.


In our busy lives it can be hard to get out in the world for things like dinner. Join our free FB community for women on a mission to transform their health and that of their families. Dr. Alex does free Live trainings every week and hosts quarterly challenges in our healing lab. 


Love what we're about and just feel ready to dive in? Take the first step and schedule a Discovery Call with Dr. Alex through our online scheduler. She will call you at the allotted time, get to know you and your health concerns and goals, and spend a few minutes making sure we're a good fit for each other, and if we both feel we are go over what the next steps are in becoming one of our practice members.

*We also work with those out of the Fairbanks area, and offer online workshops for those unable to attend a seminar. Email or call our office at 907-451-7000 for more info.

Free Guide: Easy Peasy 7 Day Meal Planning Guide for Quarantine & Beyond

The framework you need to start making meals you can feel good about and that everyone will eat while only shopping once a week

(Includes 7 FREE Recipes)

Download this guide to get a simple guide you can use to plan meals that you can feel good about, and everyone will eat, even if you're limited on food options and getting to the store. 

I share with you my tips and tricks for planning a meal during a pandemic and beyond, substitution lists, a peek at what's in my kitchen and seven of my go to recipes for my family. 

"It's a cliche that taking care of everyone except ourselves is the path to our own well-being."


~Dr. Alex Ridley DC, CACCP, WHC, AMP

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