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The Numbers Tell a Cryptic Tale


Percent of children and adults who are either diabetic or prediabetic in our country. 


Die of cardiovascular related deaths per year


Of children/women are obese or overweight in America

We Will Dispel the Myths

And Lay Out the Facts

Is the medical and pharmaceutical industry really profiting from your illnesses? Have you been lied to and been given flat out WRONG advice.

It’s extremely difficult to find the right information these days. You probably have tried looking for the answers to the questions above but have failed to find a solid answer.

The goal of our seminar is to dispel all of the myths that are out there and present you with solid facts so you don’t end up being just a statistic like the ones above.

These families were in dire need, but they sought help, educated themselves and TRUIMPHED over their health issues

-Joanne B. 

I felt like I was dying. Dr. Alex gave me the tools I needed to heal on my own. Now I have energy to play with my grand daughter and do things I never thought I'd be able to do! And the best part is I lost 20 pounds, feel great and no longer need any medications for high blood pressure or diabetes


A New Way Towards Health is Catching FIRE in America

Watch the trailer to the documentary Escape Fire, an eye opening documentary on the turbulent state of America’s health care system.


When you attend our seminar you’ll

be surrounded by like minded

individuals striving towards better health

Not only does the Stress Hormones and Health seminar aim to teach you about the true cause of belly fat, but you’ll also be connected with other like minded people from your own community. You’ll be in company with other individuals who are on the same path towards wellness.

As you’ll see in the trailer above, we are in a health care crisis. By coming to our Stress Hormones and Health Seminar, you’ll learn the full details behind why this has happened.

Once Confused and Struggling With Her Own Health and That of Her Son's, Dr. Alex is Now a Leading Expert

As a child, Dr. Alex struggled with the onset of poor health at age 12. She developed asthma, allergies, eczema and became prone to injury and illness all in the span of a year. Even at age 12, She wasn't satisfied with the answers she received from my doctors: "sometimes these things just happen" they said, with a shrug. She spent years on medications and missing school from poor health. It wasn't until she had a bad soccer injury at age 19, and spent two months in a neck brace and on Vicodin that she started looking for another way. The only answers traditional medicine could supply were "it's just always going to hurt". 


Then one day, she wandered into a chiropractic office, and finally found the answers she'd been looking for. In addition to getting  adjusted, she started making lifestyle changes, and the next thing she knew her asthma, allergies and daily headaches were almost non-existent. She shifted her career path to become a chiropractor and wellness practitioner instead of the medical doctor path she had been on before. 


But the crux of gaining a deep understanding of health and where it truly comes from came after chiropractic school when her son, Fritz, was born 5 weeks early for "no particular reason". It was the journey she found herself on after that event that set her on the path to helping other moms and kids heal from the inside out. Now Dr. Alex is a leading expert in mom's and kid's health, changing lives across the globe.

If there's any one thing to take away from Dr. Alex's story, it's this: There is another way

What You'll Learn in the Seminar...

Here are the top five things you'll learn in our Stress Hormones and Health Seminar. We know these topics have been debated and argued over for years. In this seminar, we'll bring you the most up to date facts and truth about these so you don't have to continue guessing over what is right.

The True Cause of Belly Fat in Women and Kids (and anyone)

How Hormone Imbalances Are Caused by Stress and Are Keeping You From Quality Sleep 

Why You're Craving Carbohydrates

Why Calorie Counting Doesn't Work for Belly Fat

The Biggest Mistake People Make with Exercise (As Adults and Kids)

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